A. B. Hull History & Wedding Announcement

Albert Bristol Hull was born in Grafton, West Virginia on November 6, 1862.  At the time his father was serving in the Civil War. At an early age he moved to Iowa with his parents.  He attended Christian College at Oskaloosa, Iowa.  The school later became Drake University in Des Moines.  Albert left Iowa in 1885.  He homesteaded 160 acres in Nebraska and established a store and post office named Hull.  In 1887 he returned to Iowa to marry Etta May Miller (born November 3, 1865), daughter of prosperous landowner, Charles Miller.  Albert and Etta married on October 12, 1887 and they returned to Hull.  They had a son, Afton Miller, born September 17, 1890. The Hull family returned to Iowa in 1891 and settled in Taintor/New Sharon, IA area.

The son, Alton, married Lena E. Garner (born June 19, 1888)  on September 17, 1910. They had 6 children: Erma I.; Maurice A.; J. G. (a Lt. Col. bomber pilot WW II with 97 missions over China and Japan); Mildred V.; Harriet E.; Helen A.

Albert died October 9, 1937 and his wife Etta died March 1, 1956.  Alton died September 19, 1963 and his wife Lena died December 5, 1976.  They are buried in Friends Cemetery, New Sharon, Iowa.

Above information excerpted from the Banner County History Book and Find a Grave.

Albert filed on his homestead on March 15, 1886.  In May of 1886 he began building a house 14′ x 20′ two story, addition 10’x 20′, sod stable 18′ x 20′, log shed 16′ x 18′, cave 15′ x 20′, well 48′ deep, 120 acres fenced with barbed wire and 40 acres broken for a total value of $750.

In 1887 planted 10 acres, in 1888 planted 30 acres and in 1888-89 planted 40 acres.  Raised crops for 4 seasons.

Sold groceries and was the postmaster of the Hull Post Office from February 26, 1887 until May 4, 1891.

Above information excerpted from a copy of his General Land Office homestead records digitized by and courtesy of Ancestry and Fold 3.

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Lovell and Steve Hols

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Welch

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Lovell and Steve Hols

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Lovell and Steve Hols

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Lovell and Steve Hols

All Grave Stone Photos were also Courtesy of Find A Grave

A. B. Hull and Ette Miller Wedding Announcement