66 Post Formation Letter

Grand Army of the Republic
Hull, Nebraska
July 28, 1892

J. W. Bowen, Asst. Adjt. Gen.
Lincoln Nebraska
Grand Army of the Republic

We the undersigned, honorably discharged Soldier and Sailors of the Army and Navy of the United States, now resident of Hull, County of Banner, State of Nebraska, do respectfully apply for a Charter for a post of the Grand Army of the Republic under the jurisdiction of the Department of Nebraska, G. A. R., subject to the Regulations of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Department thereof:

Moses W. Loop, Pvt. Co. A., Reg, N.Y. Artillery
Clark A. Whipple, Pvt. Co. K., Reg, N.H. Volunteer
Jacob J. Boyer, Pvt. Co. F., Mich. Infantry
Franklin Stone, Pvt. Co. M., Reg, 3rd Ind. Cavalry
Simon Richey, Pvt. Co. B., Reg, Ill. Veteran
Jerome S. Rice, Pvt. Co. B., Reg, Wis. Infantry
Albert W. Wagy, Pvt. Co A., Reg, Cal. Infantry
William C. Beaman Pvt. Co. F., Reg, Iowa Cavalry
Charles McComsey, Pvt. Co. F., Reg, Ill. Infantry
Samuel Moorhead, Pvt. Co. H., Vol., Ohio Infantry
John Lewis Polk, Pvt. Co. G., Reg, Ind. Volunteer
John E. Smith, Pvt. Co. E., Reg, Iowa Infantry
William H. Beck, Pvt. Co. E., Reg, Vol., Ohio Infantry
Benjamin F. Warner, Pvt. Co. C., Reg, Vol., N.Y. Infantry
Warren Salisbury, Pvt. Co. H., Reg, Vol. Ill. Infantry
Milton Herrick, Sgt. Co. G., Reg, Vol. Ind. Infantry
L. V. Spear, (Nothing further shown)
Adam Gregory (Nothing further shown)
Wm. E V.B. Moore (Nothing further shown)

MUSTER Roll of Members of Sixty Six Post, No. 330 located at Hull, County of Banner, Department of Nebraska Grand Army of the Republic, mustered or admitted by Transfer during the Six Months ending the 29 day of June, 1895.

Moses W. Loop, John Lewis, W. Salisbury
John Smith, Wm. E. V. Moore, A. Waggy
Wm. C. Beaman, C. B. Whipple, L.V. Spear
Simon Richey, Charles McCompsey
J. J. Boyer, R. G. Warner
A. Gregory, J. S. Rise
J. H. Foster, Wm. H. Beck