Post Offices, Towns, Businesses and Railroads

Hull Post Office

Hull Post Office, located on Section 23 & Section 25 T-20, R-58, was named for first Postmaster. Albert B. Hull, an early settler who had a store with a post office, established February 26, 1887.

Albert B. Hull was postmaster from February 26, 1887 to May 4, 1891.           Ziba V. Cleveland was postmaster from May 4, 1891 to February 2, 1892.
Moses W. Loop was postmaster from February 2, 1892 to August 9, 1905.
Louise Noyes was postmistress from August 9, 1905 to September 5, 1918.
Grace Bolin was postmistress from September 5, 1918 to February 5, 1923.
Louise Noyes was acting postmistress from February 5, 1923 to February 12, 1923.
Louise Noyes was postmistress from February 12, 1923 to October 3, 1929 when the post office was discontinued. Effective October 15, 1929 and the mail was sent to Harrisburg, Nebraska.

Mingo Post Office

Frank Beets was postmaster from April 28, 1887 to September 25, 1889 and the mail was sent to Hull, Nebraska.

North Star or Fairchild Post Office

Dorrington Post Office

Clark B. Whipple was postmaster from April 6, 1891 to March 27, 1899

John W. Hill was postmaster from March 27, 1899 to August 31, 1899 and the mail was sent to Hull, Nebraska.

Banner Post Office

E. T. Wells was postmaster from May 15, 1888 to December 5, 1891

Dora Peirson was postmaster from December 5, 1891 to December 9, 1893 and the mail was sent to Harrisburg, Nebraska


Hull existed in a house/store located on south side of the Banner/Scotts Bluff County line in the NE corner of section 23-20-58.  There was a store collocated with the post office and several other businesses were located nearby.

There was a “shoe store” located

The Star route beginning in July will be Kimball, Loriane, Randalia, Hull, Granger and Mitchell weekly.  Jun, 1887 GC.

Hull’s store in Hull is the place to vote on county division.  Oct, 1887 GC.

Mr. Waggy built a horse and shoe shop.  Nov, 1887 GC.

At the new store was a dance with Mr. Hull and his bride attending. Nov, 1887 GC.

W. J. Merrihew has opened up a shop for watch and clock cleaning and repairing one and one half miles east of the post office.  Dec, 1887 GC.

Hull people blamed for cutting down Granger’s timber.  Dec, 1887 GC.

A reward is posted for the apprehension of individuals killing cattle of the big ranches.  Dec, 1887 GC.

Mr. Hull has a very nice store with a good selection.  Jan, 1888 GC.

Work is started on the cemetery.  Jan, 1888 GC.

Church services were being held in School District 30 school house.  May, 1888 GC.

Alex Calderwood opened up a blacksmith shop.  May, 1888 GC.

Alex Bookwalter was taken to the state insane asylum.  Jul, 1888 GC.

A. B. Hull adds shoes to his store.  Aug, 1888 GC.

O. M. Ross has order a cane mill for the manufacture of sorghum.  Sep, 1888 GC.

Jones M. Clapp is running a stage route through Hull and Mingo.  Oct, 1888 GC.

Elections are J. S. Edgar, assessor; C. B. Whipple, justice of the peace, and T. D. Deutsch and John Chapman constables.  Nov, 1888 GC.

The county division will split the community in half, from the west to the east.  Nov, 1888 GC.

W. W. Rentfrow is a candidate for sheriff and G. W. Rockafield for county commissioner.  Nov, 1888 GC.

Hull residents S. R. Spear and T. D. Deutsch was elected Scotts Bluff County’s first county commissioners and F Beers was elected Scotts Bluff County Treasurer.  Jan, 1889 GC.

Hull residents, Old Nelson charged young Chapman with assault and after lengthy deliberations, Chapman was found guilty.  Feb, 1889 GC.

The Jones M. Clapp stage line is operating to Banner, Hull and Mingo on a 6 days a week basis.  Jan, 1889 GC.

The church site has been changed to the cemetery.  Feb, 1889 GC.

Throughout the years the sawmill has operated in various unknown community places.  1888-89 GC.

In the North Hull precinct C. B. Whipple was appointed Justice of the Peace and Richard Beebe was appointed constable.  Feb, 1889 GC.

Nearly enough lumber to build the church near the cemetery and a school in district 30 in Scotts Bluff county.  District 117 in Banner county will be built of stone.  Feb, 1889 GC.

Sheriff Rentfrow will move to Harrisburg.  Hull Banner precinct officers were A. Clark constable, I. F. Warner road supervisor, and Jesse Ammerman assessor.  Feb, 1889 GC.

By petition, the name of Hull precinct was changed by the Scotts Bluff county commissioners to Rose precinct.  Mar, 1889 GC.

A. B. Hull received a fine lot of farm implements.  Mar, 1889 GC.

Calvin M. Woodard became a notary public.  Mar, 1889 GC.

Gering & Beers of Gering placed farm implements for sale with A. B. Hull.  Mar, 1889 GC.

W. L. Ross add for his store in Mingo.  Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Flour and Feed.  Nails and Light Hardware.  Quick Sales and Small Profits.  Mar, 1889 GC.

Mr. Hull is disposing of considerable farm implements.  Apr, 1889 GC.

The boys are talking of organizing a baseball club.  Apr, 1889 GC.

Richard Beebe posted bond as constable in Rose precinct.  May, 1889 GC.

S. B. Spear to start blacksmithing soon with new equipment from Omaha.  May, 1889 GC.

William Little of Hull was implicated in horse stealing.  Jun, 1889 GC.

William Little was taken to Holdredge, Fall River County, Dakota, and tried and found not guilty.  Jun, 1889 GC.

The first Decoration (Memorial) day was held at Hull with about 100 attending.  Jun, 1889 GC.

Old Soldiers from Rose and Hull precincts will gather at Cottonwood canyon for a picnic, by C. B. Whipple, Commander of the GAR.  Jun, 1889 GC.

Scotts Bluff county brand committee met and approved fifteen to twenty brands.  Sep, 1889 GC.

Z. V. Cleveland are running the Hull store while A. B. Hull is in Iowa.  Oct, 1889 GC.

Hull settlers are now selling milk at the new LaGrange cheese factory.  May, 1890 GC.

Mail Route, Gering to Harrisburg via Mitchell, Thompson, Granger, Hull and Banner leaves Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:00 am and arrives Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 pm.  J. A. Burton, proprietor.  This is a change in the mail contract from Clapp to Burton, but very good service.  Jul, 1890 GC

Mail Route, Gering to Harrisburg via Mitchell, Thompson, Caldwell, Granger, Dorrington, Hull and Banner was let to a Washington man who sublet it to Mr. Anderson of Harrisburg to begin September 15th.  Sep, 1890 GC

John Lewis discovered a vein of coal 27″ deep on 66 Mountain.  He is trying for an state award of $4,000 for a 36″ vein of coal. Jun, 1893 GC


The Bay State furnished barbed wire for fencing crops and fodder at the Beers store in Mingo.  Nov, 1887 GC.

Frank Beers of Mingo has sold his entire stock to O. M. Ross of Hull and Beers expects to move to Gering as county treasurer.  Feb, 1889 GC.

O. M. Ross was in Kimball picking up goods for his store at Mingo.  Mar, 1889 GC.

O. M. Ross is said to be moving to Hull.  Apr, 1889 GC.

O. M. Ross appointed postmaster in Mingo.  May, 1889 GC.

The postoffice at Mingo has been discontinued, we understand.  Oct, 1889 GC.

North Star or Fairchild Then Dorrington

New merchant, John Fairchild  is doing a fine business of groceries.  Nov, 1887 GC.

Mr. Barkell will open a cheese and butter factory.  May, 1888 GC.

A post office has been established at North Star Located between Banner and Hull.  John Fairchild  is the postmaster.  Jun, 1889 GC.

J. A. Fairchild has sold his store near Hull to J. M. McHenry who will enlarge his stock.  Jun, 1889 GC.

John Fairchild and C. B. Whipple have bought the goods of J. M. McHenry of North Star.  Jul, 1889 GC.

Fairchild and Whipple are rushing things at North Star.  Oct,  1889 GC.

Fairchild and Whipple are dissolving their partnership and Whipple will move across the road to the east on the School Section and build a hardware and dry goods store.  Fairchild will continue in the grocery business.  Feb, 1890 GC.

C. B. Whipple has gone to Kimball for lumber for his store.  Mar, 1890 GC.

Bovey Brothers have opened a blacksmith shop.  Apr, 1890 GC.

Blacksmith in Dorrington. Jul, 1891 GC.

Fairchild has groceries and Whipple is repairing shoes.  Dec, 1891

Bovey has a mill to grind feed.  Jan, 1892 GC.

U B Church.  Apr, 1892 GC.


An new store opened operated by Wells and Robinson.  May, 1888 GC.

W. C. C. Vaughn is leaving Hull to build and open a hotel in Banner.  May, 1888 GC.

The store in Banner is being enlarged.  May, 1889 GC


The Centropolis World (Banner County) shows the Missouri Pacific Railroad passing through going west in Banner County.  Jun, 188 GC.

The most likely will be the Burlington with the line running from Gering through Roubadeau Pass then Pleasant Valley (Hull) and on towards Cheyenne.  Dec, 1889 GC.

The Santa Fe Pacific Railroad Co patented Lot 2, Section 3, Township 20N Range 60W on January 4, 1912.  The railroad had some grant land in the San Francisco Mountains Forest Reserve in Arizona.  The federal government swapped the Arizona land for the Wyoming land.

In 1925 the Union Pacific Railroad along with the Western Public Service Company got the idea of running a spur up Pumpkin Creek and an electric line to service farms irrigated by electricity.  A survey was conducted by the railroad of Pumpkin Creek Valley farmers as to the potential business that would be generated.  It died so quickly that it never even made it into the Gering Courier.