Fairchild, North Star & Dorrington

North Star or Fairchild Then Dorrington

New merchant, John Fairchild  is doing a fine business of groceries.  Nov, 1887 GC.

Mr. Barkell will open a cheese and butter factory.  May, 1888 GC.

A post office has been established at North Star Located between Banner and Hull.  John Fairchild  is the postmaster.  Jun, 1889 GC.

J. A. Fairchild has sold his store near Hull to J. M. McHenry who will enlarge his stock.  Jun, 1889 GC.

John Fairchild and C. B. Whipple have bought the goods of J. M. McHenry of North Star.  Jul, 1889 GC.

Fairchild and Whipple are rushing things at North Star.  Oct,  1889 GC.

Fairchild and Whipple are dissolving their partnership and Whipple will move across the road to the east on the School Section and build a hardware and dry goods store.  Fairchild will continue in the grocery business.  Feb, 1890 GC.

C. B. Whipple has gone to Kimball for lumber for his store.  Mar, 1890 GC.

Bovey Brothers have opened a blacksmith shop.  Apr, 1890 GC.

Blacksmith in Dorrington. Jul, 1891 GC.

Fairchild has groceries and Whipple is repairing shoes.  Dec, 1891

Bovey has a mill to grind feed.  Jan, 1892 GC.

U B Church.  Apr, 1892 GC.