General Land Office Bureau of Land Management

Land in the Hull Community was settled by filing on United States Government land and the following Acts pertained to this settlement.  There were six basic ways of gaining title:

1)  The Land Act (Sale-Cash Entry), April 24, 1820 (80 acres or more at $1.25 per acre.                               2)  Homestead Act, May 20, 1862 (160 acres free plus filing fees).
3)  The Timber Culture Act of March 3, 1873 (160 acres free plus filing fees the planting of trees over 25%        of the land).
4)  The Kinkaid Act (Western Nebraska Only) of April 28, 1904 (640 acres free plus filing fees).                   5)  The Enlarged Homestead Act (Wyoming) of February 19, 1909 (320 acres free plus filing fees).             6)  The National Stock-Raising Homestead Act (Wyoming) of December 29, 1916 (640 acres free plus              filing fees).

This information about these acts is general.  There are many variations and amendments to  these land laws and these laws are the ones that generally apply to the lands homesteaded in the Hull Community.